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Image by dylan nolte


At Thomas William jewellery we offer a rare service. Creating the same high quality bespoke jewellery we are renowned for but incorporating a loved ones ashes whether human or animal. 


Using our expertise and skill we use a high quality resin to contain the ashes. This can be added to with all sorts of colours and materials such as natural objects or glitters. 


We have made some truly beautiful pieces and the owners have been overwhelmed by the amount of love and time we put into the items. 


We offer all precious metal including silver, gold and platinum. You can even use inherited jewellery to be recycled or we can simply add to an existing piece in place of a stone for instance. 


We only require a small amount of ashes and you will be looked after through the whole process. Using an independent like us means you receive a personal and thoughtful experience with absolutely no pressure to create something that you will treasure forever. 


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